CPRS Board Position Profiles

CPRS Manitoba: Board of Directors
President — Not vacant; entering the second year of two-year term
Past-President – Not an elected position
Vice-President – Not vacant; entering the second year of two-year term

Sponsorship & Strategic Partnerships
Professional Development

Other non-elected board roles:
Student Liaisons (two positions): RRC and UW Nominations and elections are run
separately and coordinated with the academic year of each institution.

Board of Directors: Position Profiles

The president is chief executive officer of the society and presides over meetings of the society and the
board of directors. The president sees that the by-laws and regulations of the Society are observed and
is an ex-officio member of all committees. The president is a member of the board nominating
Past President
The Past President supports executive where needed, provides historical knowledge to the board and
leads the board nomination process.
The vice-president assists the president as needed and in his/her absence assumes and exercises the
authority of the president. The vice-president is the de-facto nominee for president, once their two-
year term is up. The VP is a member of the board nominating committee.
The Treasurer is the lead on banking and financials, board and event insurance, tax filing, invoice
processing and the CPRS MB postal mailbox. The treasurer presents financials at the annual general
meeting and keeps the board apprised of summary financials at every meeting.
The secretary takes minutes, sets meeting dates, creates and shares meeting agendas, organizes board
meetings, keeps the board contact list up to date, maintains the chapter passwords, compiles the
annual report, supports the election process, maintains our archives, and undertakes any other needed
correspondence. The secretary may also fill in for the Treasurer in checking the CPRS MB post office
The accreditation chair, who must be an APR, shares information at the chapter level on both PRK and
APR. (S)he works with CPRS National on accreditation applications, connects local candidates to APRs
for mentorship, watches for and shares accreditation updates and news with board and membership.
The membership director will think strategically and act tactically to help retain and grow CPRS
Manitoba’s full-time and student membership. Membership will receive and review monthly
membership lists from CPRS National and update the CPRS Manitoba database to keep it in good
standing, address membership inquiries, annually review the membership section of our website, and
steer Membership Month (March) communications.

Sponsorships & Strategic Partnerships:
Working from and evolving the established CPRS MB templates, the director will spearhead all
sponsorship initiatives for CPRS MB, managing both in-kind and financial opportunities for the chapter,
as well as identifying potential strategic partnerships. This role also serves as the liaison between
sponsors and the board and will be responsible for coordinating/fulfilling all requirements/collateral
materials as per agreement.
Professional Development
The professional development team plans and executes all CPRS Manitoba events/special events,
including Brews & News, lunch/breakfast sessions and mixers. PD Directors will coordinate board
volunteers, accommodate speaker requests, work with the communications team to promote the
events and ensure all invoices gets to the treasurer. The team is also tasked with managing the
Manitoba Communicator of the Year awards nomination process and awards ceremony. Additionally,
PD Directors provide oversight to the student liaisons as they plan their student spring mixer.
Our Communications Team is responsible for informing our membership and larger communications
community about CPRS Manitoba events and initiatives. The team works closely with both the
professional development and executive team and encompasses a number of key board positions.
They include:
As the first touchpoint for inquiries, the Writer/Coordinator is responsible for responding to
general queries that come in to info@cprs.mb.ca. This director is also responsible for writing
topical content on PR/Comms for our website to be circulated widely on our social media
channels, as well as coordinating additional content from other directors. Additional duties
include writing/updating speaking notes for CPRS MB presenters/emcees, purchasing speaker
gifts, and submitting any relevant CPRS MB news/information to appropriate publications.
Social Media
Directors are responsible for managing all CPRS MB social media properties (currently Twitter,
Facebook and LinkedIn). The team is responsible for reporting on analytics and providing
strategic advice in regard to the properties. They also work with the writer/coordinator to
coordinate blog content (time permitting) and develop additional content.
Web Manager
The Web Manager is responsible for everything website-related such as updates and
maintenance, adding new content, and working with our web server and email provider when
issues arise.

Student Liaisons (two positions, not elected)
Two current students in the Creative Communications program at Red River College and the PACE
program at the University of Winnipeg are responsible for planning and steering the CPRS MB student
event in spring. They also serve as a liaison between the board and student community, and present to
the University of Winnipeg class about benefits of membership in fall. The call for applications for the
Red River student goes out on the spring, and for the University of Winnipeg in the fall. Student
Liaisons are non-voting members of the board and typically, the role is one-year in duration.