Courses & Institutions

Whether you’re looking to enter the field of public relations or wanting to broaden and brush up on your skills,  below is a list of educational institutions that offer public relations and communications diplomas, degrees, and courses.

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Red River College

Creative Communications (Full time)

Located in Winnipeg’s vibrant Exchange District, Red River College is renowned for providing accessible, innovative, applied learning and research in an advanced environment, creating skilled graduates to drive the Manitoba economy.

The Creative Communications program prepares you for a career in advertising, broadcasting, media production, journalism, corporate communications and public relations.

The program gives you a high degree of knowledge and competency so you can obtain an entry-level position in a wide range of communication-based jobs. Courses are augmented by training in electronic publishing, web design, social media, creative writing, photography, and marketing.

You have access to a media production/TV studio, radio station, editing suites, a Foley studio, computer labs as well as other dedicated lab spaces. Because applicants considered eligible by the selection committee will be tested according to the date of the completed application, you are encouraged to apply prior to the February 28 deadline. Your application is complete when you have submitted all of your supporting documentation.

Media Production Major

For the Media Production Major, career possibilities are abundant in both television and radio. Graduates obtain positions in production, on-air and creative services in both sectors.

Public Relations Major

The public relations major is prepared for managing all aspects to communications for a non-profit organization in the arts or social sciences, or working in corporate or government PR departments. In all areas there are growing opportunities online.

Advertising Major

Graduates of the Advertising major look to futures with traditional
advertising agencies, small  business, corporate offices or government
departments where they work as copywriters, media strategists, or client
service representatives.

Journalism Major

Students in this major practice journalism in all media with emphasis on clear, effective writing and presentation within tight deadlines. They build essential skills such as interviewing, research and revising. Students use freedom-of-information legislation, update their photography skills and employ social media to research and publish their work, including a weekly blog on journalistic issues. They propose, research and write stories in daylong sessions, and they are encouraged to sell their work to appropriate news organizations. Students also study non-fiction work including books and video documentaries. They organize their resumes and online portfolios in preparation for work placements and employment.

Joint Program: Degree/Diploma in Communications

Red River College, in cooperation with the University of Winnipeg, offers students the opportunity to pursue a combined Degree/Diploma in Communications. Students must apply to both institutions and meet the entrance requirements of the Red River College Creative Communications program and the entrance requirements of the University.

University of Winnipeg Division of Continuing Education

Public Relations & Marketing Management Diploma Program (Full or Part time)

This program will prepare you to work as a public relations practitioner in a corporate or not-for-profit environment. The courses will provide you with a broad foundation of PR and marketing-specific knowledge and skills with an emphasis on best practices, and current and emerging issues.


  • Identify, analyze and influence organizational objectives, communications strategies and key interest groups
  • Guide management on key business and policy decisions
  • Develop public relations strategies that create awareness and favourable perception, and/or promote your products and services and set measurable objectives from which to evaluate their effectiveness
  • Build collegial and cooperative relationships with a variety of public interest groups, internal and external clients, and the media
  • Design and implement a media relations strategy expanding your visibility in the community
  • Analyze consume buying patterns, employ marketing tools and research methodologies to determine environmental and competitive factors affecting products and services, and develop new products and/or services meriting consumer interest and increasing market share
  • Master public relations communications writing template including: a well-tooled press kit, news releases, annual reports, newsletters, brochure content, and personality profiles
  • Plan and direct the crisis and change management process
  • Coordinate and prepare material for internal and external promotional publications, including planning articles, editing copy, supervising print preparation, distributing publications
  • Gain an understanding of digital communication technologies, their impact in traditional approaches to public relations and marketing, and how to adapt print-based collaterals for this new medium
  • Exercise sound financial decision-making and budgeting skills

Professional Edge Seminars

In-depth, relevant training led by industry experts offers knowledge and skills with a minimal investment of time and cost. Courses include:

  • Communicating During Crisis
  • Cultural Awareness: An Aboriginal Perspective
  • Creative Thinking For Problem Solving
  • Effective Feedback Skills and Strategies
  • Enhancing Communication in the Workplace
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • EQ: Emotional Intelligence
  • Event Management
  • Managing The Media
  • Negotiation and Influencing Skills
  • Sponsorship Marketing
  • Strategic Planning

The Writer’s Series Courses

Courses include:

  • The Writer’s Workshop: From Inspiration to Creation,
  • plain English: Writing for Clarity & Impact and Introductory Creative Writing

Distance Education

The reality of education in the 21st century is that life-long learning, especially while maintaining employment, is more in-demand and more accessible than ever. Listed below are a few programs that offer distance learning opportunities in Public Relations and Communications for busy people like you.

Athabasca University (Alberta)

Bachelor of Professional Arts: Communication Studies Major

  • Athabasca University’s Bachelor of Professional Arts in Communication Studies is a professional development degree designed to assist you, as a graduate of a college diploma program such as journalism, public relations, tourism, library and information studies, digital media, paralegal studies, and marketing to further your education and career by completing an accredited university degree. If you have completed a two- or three-year approved diploma in a communications-related field, you can transfer 60-72 block credits toward the 120 credit degree.

Royal Roads University (British Columbia)

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication

  • The two-year program format has been developed to meet the needs of learners who wish to continue their employment while completing a bachelor’s degree. It consists of two short residencies (three weeks each) combined with two years of distance learning. During that time, learners will complete 60 credit units of formal study ending in a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication.

MBA in Public Relations and Communication Management

  • As today’s leading organizations pursue global business opportunities and grapple with complex public policy issues, effective communication has never been more crucial. The speed of technology, the demands of informed consumers, the changing needs of diverse interest groups and a sophisticated public – all this adds to the challenge of public relations today.
  • The Royal Roads MBA in Public Relations & Communication Management meets that challenge, while anticipating the issues of tomorrow.

Public Relations Management Graduate Certificate

  • The Graduate Certificate in Public Relations Management provides the opportunity for you to develop your strategic management skills along with a strong foundation in professional public relations practice.