Mission, Values and Principles

CPRS Mission, Values and Principles


The Canadian Public Relations Society, as a distinct Canadian association, seeks to:

group all public relations practitioners in Canada and to foster their professional interests;
advance the professional stature of public relations, in cooperation with its regional Member Societies and with like-minded organizations in other countries; and
oversee its practice for the benefit and protection of the public interest.

Our Values

We believe that the ethical and strategic practice of public relations and communications management makes a positive contribution to the profession, our employers and to the communities we serve. As members of CPRS, we are committed to the following values:

An Ethical Practice that is:

  • Transparent (honest, open, willingness to share information)
  • Accountable (to our priority publics, our clients, our employers, our profession and to society)
  • In the public interest
  • Built on integrity and independence

A Strategic Practice that is:

  • Managed and accountable
  • Aligned with the overall goals and objectives of the organizations we serve
  • Intentional and deliberate
  • Measurable and relevant

Achieving Mutual Benefit through:

  • Meaningful engagement with our priority publics
  • Creating strong and reciprocal relationships
  • Engaging in symmetrical and balanced communication
  • Developing programs that are socially responsible

Demonstrating Leadership and Engagement through:

  • Volunteer opportunities within the profession and the communities we serve
  • Mentorship programs
  • Commitment of resources (advisory, financial and human) to advance the profession

A Commitment to Continuous Learning through:

  • Professional development
  • Advancing the body of knowledge
  • Teaching and scholarship
  • Sharing of knowledge

Declaration of Principles

The National Society, in setting forth its Declaration of Principles and Ethics of Professional Conduct, strives to:

  • affirm that the obligations of a public trust are inherent in the practice of public relations;
  • promote and maintain high standards of professional practice and conduct among the membership, so as to ensure that public relations shall be esteemed as an honourable profession;
  • safeguard good taste and truthfulness in all material prepared for public dissemination and in all aspects of the public relations practitioner’s operations;
  • ensure that membership represents surety of ethical conduct, skill, knowledge and competence in the practice of public relations;
  • foster increased attention to public relations as a course of study in universities, colleges, institutes and other similar educational organizations in order to further the proficiency, knowledge and training of anyone engaged in or interested in entering public relations;
  • adhere to the Global Protocol on Ethics in Public Relations of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communications; and
  • subscribe to the principles of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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