Sage Media Launches Web Site Redesign for CPRS Manitoba

CPRS Revamp
Sage Media
has just launched a comprehensive Web site redesign for CPRS Manitoba, which the organization will use to interact with the public to further its mission of advancing the profession of public relations, and providing its members with professional development and networking opportunities.

“CPRS Manitoba came to us to design a clear, appealing site that portrays the CPRS organization as a premier association for communication professionals in the province of Manitoba. The revamp of CPRS Manitoba’s website not only gives the organization a more authoritative position in the field, but through the use of more current technologies allows for more interactivity with membership. The redesign has made it easier to communicate with members, to promote CPRS news and events, and places emphasis on the benefits of belonging to a national communications organization.”

Sage Media’s strategy for this project included developing a straightforward graphic representation of the main calls to action for the site: E-Newsletter sign-ups; a tightly integrated organizational calendar; current news & events; and opportunities to engage the site visitor in professional development and membership opportunities.

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua” said CPRS Manitoba communications chair Linda Warkentin. “One of the things we hoped to achieve with the redesign was to make the site more user-friendly and interactive, and Sage Media delivered a solution that is not only visually attractive and engaging, but also highly effective in getting our message across to the right people. This is filler to be replaced with actual comments from the client.”

About Sage Media
Sage Media is a relationship-driven creative design agency dedicated to growing our customers’ businesses. Sage Media delivers creative Web site design, development and technology; corporate branding and graphic design solutions, and social media marketing. In addition to CPRS Manitoba, our public clients include McMaster University, Staples Business Depot, Best Buy, Sonoma Valley Foods, Aevex, Bambu Rum and Abuela Coquito, among many others. To learn more, please visit

About CPRS Manitoba
Established in 1958, CPRS Manitoba is one of 16 member societies from across Canada whose goal it is to advance the profession of public relations and provide its members with professional development and networking opportunities. Along with the other member societies, it is the only professional association in Canada that is solely devoted to the practice of public relations. To learn more please visit