Accredited PR Professionals Share Their Experience on National Webinar

By Patrícia Garcia Lopes – Communications – CPRSMB

Professional recognition and community support. Those were some of the subjects discussed on the last CPRS’ webinar “More Than a Meeting: Let’s Talk About the APR Program and Application”, on Oct. 25. 

Offered by the CPRS National in association with the local chapters, the online session explained every step of the process to obtain an APR designation. Under the moderation of  Margaret Pearcy, APR and Alex Sévigny, PHD, APR, Chief Examiner of the Accreditation Program, the webinar answered several questions candidates often have before applying. From the timeline of the program to work samples and tests, the most common doubts were addressed in a clear and friendly way by the participants.

Along with Pearcy and Sévigny, other accredited professionals gave their testimonials about the accreditation process. Scott Anderson, APR, Alyssa Lei, APR and Charlie McDougall, APR (vice-president of the CPRS Manitoba chapter) shared their experience while preparing for the exams and managing their time between studies, work and their personal lives. They discussed specific challenges they faced during the process and reinforced the importance of the support received from CPRS colleagues. Anderson, Lei and McDougall also shared how receiving this special peer recognition helped them in their careers, since the APR designation reflects having achieved the industry’s highest professional standards. 

For 50 years, the APR Program has been establishing the standards for professionals in Public Relations. The process takes one year (between application and final results) and the 2023 cohort is already being formed. If you have more than five years of experience in Public Relations, it’s your time to pursue your APR designation. To clear any doubts or discuss your application, please, contact the CPRS Manitoba Director of Accreditation, Jennifer Pawluk, APR –

Visit the CPRS National website for more information about the process and don’t forget: the deadline for applications is December 1. Apply here and start your path toward your APR accreditation.