Group Membership

CPRS’s Employer Group Membership (EGM) is available for new and existing members who work in organizations with five or more members. EGM provides discounts of up to 25 per cent off national programs and services. The more members from one organization, the higher the discounts on national programs including:

And more!

What does this mean to employers?

In the past, the investment in employer-funded memberships has often been lost as employees move on to other organizations, taking their membership with them. New memberships purchased by employers under the EGM program are transferrable at the employer’s discretion, should an employee leave. In addition, a streamlined process makes it simple to renew on an annual basis, with one renewal date and one invoice.

What does this mean to CPRS members?

Existing members who qualify for the EGM program will retain their individual memberships, and can immediately take advantage of escalating discounts. And, there will be no need to change renewal dates or invoicing procedures.

Contact the CPRS National Office for more information.