Tell Us What You Think About Possible Mentorship Program

March 2015 is Membership Month at CPRS, and your Manitoba board is always looking for opportunities to add value to your membership. To build on this commitment, we plan to launch our first mentorship program this year. But first, we want to receive input so we can build a program that’s best tailored to your interests.

In our conversations with CPRS chapters across Canada, we have learned that mentorships come in many forms. Most of us are familiar with an arrangement where a younger professional mentors under a senior practitioner who in turn, also learns from the mentee. Some mentorships are lateral or peer-to-peer, meaning that a practitioner wishes to mentor a peer of similar seniority, in the same or a different industry/sector.

Whatever the form, we believe that mentor-mentee relationships will help us grow as a society, nurture emerging talent, leverage existing experience, and add opportunities and value to membership in CPRS Manitoba.

The pilot of the CPRS Manitoba Mentorship Program will have structure, with start and end commitment dates, likely from October 2015 to April 2016.

Before deciding on how to proceed, we are asking you – our members – for feedback. We have compiled a brief survey that will take only a few minutes, and ask that you respond to it by March 31, 2015.

To take our quick survey, please click here: