Participation on the CPRS Manitoba Board of Directors provides the chance to shape and influence the direction of public relations as the profession continues to grow and evolve in Manitoba. It also offers opportunities for personal and professional growth at any stage in your career.

Key objectives of the board are to act in the public welfare in the practice of public relations, establish high standards for public relations, advance the knowledge, skill and competence of the members and promote sound training and education in public relations.

If you want to learn more about participating on the CPRS Manitoba Board of Directors, e-mail us in confidence at

Susan Harrison*

Past President
Conor Lloyd, APR*

David Hultin, APR*

David Hultin, APR

Melanie Loeb

Monique Chenier, APR

Katrina Sklepowich

Chris Albi, Katrina Sklepowich, Trenton Burton

Chanel Lovlin, Daniela Whelan

Professional Development/Programming
Chris Albi, Laura Curtis, Stephanie Fung

Student Liaison
Ashley Smith (University of Winnipeg), Taylor Fenn (Red River College)


*The positions of President, Vice-President, and Past-President are entering the first of a two-year term.


CPRS Manitoba’s Board of Directors thanks Red River College
for generously supporting the Board’s activities by providing meeting space for our monthly meetings.


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